I'm SodaSneb! I'm an artist and Streamer, I do some work with Live2D too!
I'm also an all-around silly person who loves games and making new friends :)

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SodaSneb - Commissions

Terms Of Service

1. Commercial Use

- When commissioning Sneb, commercial use options are available (such as merchandise, like stickers, tshirts, prints, things that make a profit for you) in situations where you are going to use your commission for commercial use, it is required you disclose that to me so I can calculate a 'commercial use fee' according to your needs and budget.- Commercial use doesn't include things such as: use in NFTs and Crypto currency, training AI image generator systems, use in promoting hateful acts or crimes, or use to mock or attack any person/individual, or to be made into traceable 'bases', these things are STRICTLY forbidden, and my art cannot ever be used in these ways under any circumstances.

2. Payment Method and Refunds

2a. Payments
- Payments will always be requested through a PayPal invoice sent to your preferred Email address (unless discussed otherwise).
-Invoice will often be send after the initial sketch stage to see if you're happy with the direction of the commission, I will then send the invoice.
-Partial payments are permitted in my invoices, however, you will not receive the finished commission until the payment of the invoice is complete (unless discussed).
2b. Refunds
-Refunds are not an option after the commission has been completed, if you have to cancel the commission, partial refunds are an option, but this heavily depends on the circumstances of the cancelation.
-I can cancel and refund your commission at any time no questions asked, however, this is very rare and will only happen in urgent cases, I will often explain to you why I'm canceling a commission if I can.

3. Crediting and Social media use

- When using my art in a social media post, please credit me at least by the name 'SodaSneb' either in your image or in your post- When using my art on twitch (in overlays or panels) please credit me by at least mention by name, a link to me, and an artist badge on your channel is optional and not required, but appreciated ^^

These terms do not permit loopholes, any attempt to find and exploit a loophole to intentionally break the terms are a violation of the terms.

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SodaSneb - Commissions


Will Do:

-Human Characters
-Humanoid Fantasy Creatures
-Fantasy Animals
-Mech (depends)
-Muscles (depends)
-Simple pattern backgrounds
-Existing Characters
-Toony Gore (depends)

Wont Do:

-Complex perspectives
-Guns (unless super cartoony)
-Complex character interactions
-Fetish Content
-Celebrities (depends)
-Complex Backgrounds
-Sexual acts
-Hateful/Political work
-Acts of violence
-Realism (animals and people)


All prices listed in USD
Ask if what you have in mind isn't listed.


$25 per Emote

$30 for animated emotes
(animated in Live2D or Sai2)
+ $30 for me to make multiple sizes of files (e.g. Twitch channel point icons require 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112 versions to be uploaded) this costs extra because it's a very time-consuming process.*Be aware that if you're wanting channel point reward icons but don't tell me, there's no guarantee it'll look good in the smaller size.


$100 or more per logo

We will go though fonts on Google Fonts together (Theyre safe to use legally!) OR I will find some fonts that I think 'fit your vibe' and you can pick from my selections,As many small revisions as you need (within reason)Comes with several black and white versions AND a flat-colour simple version (for watermark purposes or just for fun, why not right?)*These logos are NOT vectorized, however, they are very high resolution (8000 pixels on the longer sides)

Other Commission Types

In my Portfolio, you can see more examples of the type of work I do,I do a very wide variety of work, so you'll need to contact me to tell me what you need,After you describe what you need me to do, I can then give you a quote for the work you want to have completed.

To commission me, DM me on Discord - SodaSneb -
or send me an email
- [email protected] -

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SodaSneb - Portfolio

- Illustration -All characters belong to their respective owners

- Emote Work -

- Logos -

- Live2D art and Rigging -

- Reference Work -

- Other Work -

- CBAS Charity Team Assets -

These are the branding graphics Ive done for my charity team CBAS

- Cure Cancer Australia Theme -

- St Jude Theme -

- Ludwig Gamejam Icon Work -

The art on this project ended up going unused,
all assets shown here are free to download on my Ko-Fi

- Magic Themed -

- Space Themed -

- Sky Themed -

- Alchemy Themed -

- Cat Themed -

- Evil Themed -

- Other Icons -

- Logo Work -

SodaSneb - Credits


Things here will continue to update as I get more assets.

- Models -

Astrexis: 3D Model Artist

Astrexis made my 3D model, please go and support him! Did an absolutely incredible job!

Strawberry: Chibi Live2D

Strawb made Snebs cute little chibi 'Pipsqueak' model, Strawberry made me so cute!


Premade Chibi Model, Get your own cute customisable chibi on their Booth!

- Special Credits -


Clips Editor for TikTok and Instagram videos

- Stream Assets -


Chat Box

RTFX Animation

Stinger Transitions and other effects

The Models Resource

Various Model Item Toggles

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